Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the Love of a Blanket

When my grandparents insinuated that I, their oldest grandchild, was perhaps a bit too old for my blanket, my young mother caved under their pressure. After all, Kindergarten *would* start soon and they had raised eight children – they were experts.

“You can keep the new toy,” she gestured to the bargaining chip from the Disney store, “but you have to trade Mousey.”

I eyed Gus-Gus, Jaq and the girl mouse I was excited to name. I put them inside the plastic pin cushion and then on top, so they could sleep.

I handed over my beloved blanket without a hesitation.

The love of a child is a fleeting thing.

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  1. Not my daughter. She insisted she'd go back into the burning house to get her favorite blankie. But now she's preteen and has it folded up in the corner of her bed. :) But I do love the imagery of the toys she'll trade for.

    1. It was an actual toy. And it was awesome! But not as comforting as Mousey when it was time to sleep . . . . (this story kind of cuts out before the bedtime meltdown, hahaha.)

  2. Really cute :) (I feel bad for the blanket though, which shows why I'm a pack-rat)

    1. I feel bad for the blanket, too. She deserved more loyalty.

  3. I enjoyed seeing this prompt done from the pov of a kid! Very cute!

    1. Thanks! What can I say, being serious about love sometimes freaks me out and so I revert to my childhood ;D

  4. I love the unique way you took this prompt! I don't relate to it at all... but, then, I still have toys from that age, and am still sad my baby blanket was "lost" (=thrown away by my mother.) But I've definitely seen children lose interest in things that meant the world to them moments before. It was interesting to read a story from that perspective, and I think you really nailed it.

    1. Thank you! (Your mom and my mom must be cousins or something :D)